Keyword Research and Analysis

Why guess at the best search terms to target on your web site? Adventurous Advertising will perform a detailed analysis to identify the most popular and best targeted keywords for maximum exposure.

Target the wrong keywords and all your search engine optimization efforts could be wasted. We'll provide you with a report that details how often people search for target phrases, and also tell you how many competing sites use those keywords.

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Adventurous Advertising keyword research helps clients find important keyword combinations related to your business or service - many of which you might never have considered.

Finding the right keywords will drive the most important site optimization tasks including: seo copy writing, web site linking structure, link words, meta tags and page titles. Keywords will also significantly influence your link building campaign.

Our keyword analysis reports can provide you with hundreds or thousands of phrases that your prospects are using to find companies like yours. With the right keyword analysis, we can better optimize your web site content for the phrases your prospects are actually using.